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The Weirdest Lurker ever!
United States
Man...I should fill this out. It's been a while lol. Where should I start? I'm in college. Live in United States (If you want specifics PM me cause I'm paranoid about security). Have a slight case of OCD (with security of course) and paranoia (I think up complex ways of dying no matter what situation I am's really weird. Don't know how it started lol.)

Mostly play games on the 360 (FPS, RPG, etc) occasionally show up on the PC to play some MMORPGs (Maple Story, RO, (ugh) Silk Road, Dragonica). Wear thick ass glasses due to nonstop playing and proud of it. Games owned on the 360: Resident Evil 5, Call of Duty 4 and WaW, Mirror's Edge, Fallout 3, Halo 3, Halo 2, Castle Crashers, Fear 1, Infinite Undiscovery, Bourne Conspiracy, Gears of War 2, Too Human, Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band 1 and 2, Left 4 Dead, and some other ones I'm forgetting right now. PM me for my XBL gamertag if you ever want to play.

Don't really watch TV due to videogaming. Only shows I actually paid attention to are Lost, Heroes, 24, House, Bones, and some other shows. Saturday Night Live is only funny when Timberlake or any of the "oldies" show up.

If you haven't already seen my favorites page, or are just coming onto my page for the first time, just warning you (in case you somehow decide to read this instead of going straight to the favorites page which I doubt) its full of crossdressing, stuck, and random pics, so if you no likey, I'd suggest you click somewhere else lol.

Yes, I like to crossdress (I still like the ladies, even though I dress as one ^_^). Don't remember exactly how I got into it. Don't really know why I do it either because I don't really look good as a girl, but I still like it. Clothing was sparse until ebay came along lol. Love the internet. You can be anonymous on here and buy stuff not meant for your gender. Woo! I think it's bs though that girls can wear jeans and not be shunned and guys can't wear skirts otherwise they'll be beaten up, yelled at, killed, I mean wtf. Is it because the public can see our junk? So what? Little kids watch MTV everyday. Go blame the media for indecent exposure, why don't ya? I say do what you want (within reasonable law abiding standards of course lol. No random stabbings anywhere...although you could make millions of dollars developing a device that would punch people in the face over the internet XD).

I love anime and manga. Period. (Wow that was redundant). I'm asian so it comes naturally XD. I watch and read all sorts of anime/manga ranging from the girliest (i.e. Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Ouran Host Club) to the cool stuff (Bleach, Claymore, Naruto, D.Gray Man). Anywhere I go, I find some store with books and stay there for hours just reading manga (current record 7.5 hours at Borders. Would have been longer but I realized it was 12 AM and the store was closing lol). I also read other books, mainly sci fi. Finished LOTR, Halo series, halfway through Resident Evil, blah blah blah (insert random book here).

I am the weirdest lurker ever IMO. If you made a crossdressing pic and I didn't favorite it, I'm sorry I probably missed it. You can only spend so many hours on DA right? It's hard to go through thousands of pics with a semi-decent search engine and an update page that only shows 24 updates at a time. I didn't log on for a day and found that over 2,000 pics were waiting for me when I came back O_O. Also, DA apparently has a limit on the amount of updates you can have in your "new devs" section (its 11,000 I think) lol. I find that hilarious.

Added in this section cause I forgot to put it there. Thanks in advance for favoriting any pics that I add and no need to thank me for favoriting yours. You're the ones who drew the pics/took the pics/wrote the stories so I thank YOU for that. They're awesome. ^_^

Don't really think I'm forgetting anything. If you managed to make it this far, you deserve this.

Achievement - 100 Gamerscore - Rant-mania!
Details: You have reached the end of this rant. Congratulations!

It's not much, but be proud! See you on the flip side.

Current Residence: Somewhere in space!
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Operating System: Windows O_O
Personal Quote: "It's a trap!" (Hope some of you get this lol)
Yeah so Anime Expo is done and over with.  It was crazy fun.  Many lessons learned and unlearned in the process (How do girls stand in heels for so long? I give y'all mad propz, I lasted about an hour before developing a large blister on my foot >_<) and sooo many pics taken of awesome cosplayers ^_^.

Anyways, it's like a month or two late but over the next couple of days, I'll be uploading the photos I took at AX in batches of 10 or so depending on my free time XD. I don't want your inboxes to be spammed with the pics so it'll take a while (there are a lot....>_< I'm surprised I took as many as I did lol) Be on the lookout for cool pics if you're interested XD
  • Listening to: Rock Music...always.
  • Reading: The Wizard and the Glass
  • Watching: xxxHolic
  • Playing: Alan Wake: The Signal
  • Eating: Anything that's edible in my apartment
  • Drinking: (Not so) Endless fountain of soda


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